Centre Veterinari Es cau d'en Pinxo

Preventive measures in Es Cau d'en Pinxo

Preventive measures in Es Cau d'en Pinxo

The spread of the new coronavirus is being extremely severe in our country, threatening the stability of healthcare we may all need.

From the Council of Veterinarians of Spain we are advised not to attend any event with a high number of health professionals, considers that the possibility of contagion or the need to quarantine veterinary staff can jeopardize the availability of veterinarians within the health system.

Veterinarians serve only one health (#OneHealth), in this sense, we care and work for both human and animal health.

That is the reason why we have decided to follow the preventive guidelines for veterinary centers implanted in Italy and to adapt them to our veterinary center. We will not leave behind any animal, but we will try to optimize resources, limit the possibilities of contagion and ensure the health of all (including ourselves).

From now on the measures we implement are:

Veterinary service

  • Veterinary visit by appointment only
  • Our professional activity (veterinary care) will be limited to emergency situations and consultation of pathologies that may become urgent
  • All kinds of preventive (as vaccines) or postponement treatments (such as routine visits, non-urgent diagnoses, and non-urgent surgeries) are postponed.
  • The number of companions is limited to one per animal
  • The capacity of the veterinary center is reduced to 3 people who have to keep a minimum of 1,5 m between them.
  • Owners who have symptoms compatible with coronavirus infection should not accompany the animal and will contact the veterinarian by phone

Our Shop

  • The store service of the veterinary center will be maintained, but all customers are advised to place their order via WhatsApp or e-mail so that they can be prepared at the store, and delivery can be faster.
  • The capacity of the veterinary center (including the shop) is limited to 3 people, so we ask you not only to place your purchase but also to let us know what time you plan to come so we add a little organization to this chaotic situation.
  • The store service launches an impromptu free and exceptional home delivery system, at agreed times.

Given the current situation, we cannot guarantee 100% compliance with our schedule (in which we will also be delivering at home) so we ask you to contact us both for purchases and the veterinary care service to arrange the appointment. prior.

Thank you very much for your understanding and collaboration.

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