Centre Veterinari Es cau d'en Pinxo



Naturcan is a veterinary center in Roses with which we work constantly. There we performed the surgeries and we have more equipment (x-ray apparatus, biochemical analysis ...).


AVATMA is an Association of Abolitionist Veterinarians of Bullfighting and Animal Mistreatment of which we are part


We are a committed veterinary center, this means that we collaborate with this initiative of AEVET (Spanish Association of Clinical Veterinarians). Our intention is to be able to help those owners who, due to their particular and precarious situation in which they find themselves, can not assume medical or surgical treatment that their pet needs.


Viopet is a program that temporarily or permanently hosts domestic animals victims of family violence. This initiative is born from the relationship that has been established between violence towards animals and towards humans, as well as the lack of protection of animals that inevitably results in a total lack of protection of the victims. The veterinary center Es cau d'en Pinxo, we are adhered to this program and if you find yourself in a situation of family violence we will help you in a safe and confidential way, consulting the professionals of other areas if necessary, and trying to preserve whenever it is possible and safe the emotional bond between the victim of the mistreatment and his companion animal. Each case will be valued individually to find the best way to maintain this link.